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Letter to the Members

Dear Members

I don't think anyone would disagree that this has been an incredible year. One filled with things we never could have dreamed of and of challenges that were more than foreign to us. But here we are. We are still standing and still doing what we do best - looking forward.

There are some important things to know about DIBA and how we are here to support our members. Dues will not be charged again until we can function as usual, with our monthly gatherings and promotion of our members. Until then, for all of you and especially for those whose businesses have suffered the most, we want you to know that we continue to be here to help in any way that we can. Our board continues to meet, although less frequently and by Zoom, and to address issues of members and ideas of how to best serve our members in the future. This day shall pass. We all know that and we have come a long way. Please reach out to us for anything you need. My appreciation and thanks for the work the board has done during this difficult time.

Your Board members are listed below.

Pete Harper

Rebeca Zechmann

Terra Futch

Jenny Ladd

Renee Gutzwiller

Kim Fulp

Darius Kelly

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