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We are dedicated to facilitating networking opportunities and exposure for local professionals and business owners. We want to foster unity and goodwill among all businesses and make Daniel Island a great place to live, work, network, dine, and play!


Benefits of Joining

The Daniel Island Business Association (DIBA) is a non-profit organization made up of local business owners and professionals who want to benefit from networking with residents, businesses, and other professionals both on and off the island. Daniel Island is one of the few master planned communities in the country that lives by the slogan: “live, work, network and play on the island” and when complete, Daniel Island will have approximately 30,000 people on the island during a typical day (both residents and employees).  As DIBA members we can only expect Daniel Island to continue to grow into a town within the Charleston area.

With our monthly Block Parties at local businesses; to promote networking and relationship building with Daniel Island residents and businesses. It is truly a platform that encourages business growth and allows members opportunities to maximize their business. Our monthly block parties are also great way for businesses to connect directly with the people that live on the island.

Charleston Networking Event
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